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LE14 Wine & Food Pairing

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There is something in the way the subtle flavours and balance of wine really come alive when paired with its food counterpart.  It’s something we like to call the ‘wow factor’. Interested in discovering this for yourself?  You’re in luck! We are hosting a series of wine & food pairing evenings  November 6, November 27, and December 4 2014 where you can experience what a difference the right dish can make. Here, not only will we be showcasing commercial examples of our upcoming special edition wines, but you will be trying them with perfectly paired food.

Wine and food have gone hand in hand since around 6000 BC when people first started fermenting grapes. It’s interesting to look at cultures with a long history of grape growing and to see how their cuisine and wine mesh together perfectly, as if both food and wine were specifically designed with the other in mind.

Take Bordeaux in France for example, Bordeaux is often described as a ‘food wine’ but what does this mean? Having a glass of Bordeaux on its own, while certainly enjoyable, isn’t nearly as mind blowing as pairing with with duck or lamb traditionally grown in Bordeaux, or with a rich creamy mushroom truffle sauce which the region is also known for.

Paul has been hard at work consulting with the Home Vintner Chefs, and we are very excited to share this event with you. Seating is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot soon! Tickets are $10 per person, and the event starts at 7pm at the Highwood Community hall, 16 Harlow Ave NW.

Turn North from 40th Ave NW (half way between 4th street and Northmount Drive) onto Hudson Rd NW.  The hall is 4 blocks north on the NW corner of Harlow and Hudson.  Behind Colonel Irvine School.

Call (403) 284-0486, email us at or drop in to any of our stores to reserve your seat.

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