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LE14 – Le Coureur des bois

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Featuring LE14 Australian Shiraz Viognier

This fantastic Indian Spiced Gouda pairs incredibly well with the complexity of this Shiraz blend. You can find this cheese at our partner location – (The Home Vintner at) Bergeron Cheese Shoppe in Cochrane.

Le Coureur des bois is a firm ripened cheese seasoned with cumin seeds and aged for two months. It has a distinct aroma and a flavor reminiscent of Indian spices. It goes well with barbecues and adds a kick to cold cuts and hamburgers. As a third course, its pronounced flavor is a delicious way to end a meal.

Moisture content: 43%, Fat content: 28%, Lactose free, Firm ripened cheese with cumin

How this food and wine pairing works together: The expectation from this  LE14 wine is to present as full bodied and tannic with a fantastic nose. The spiciness of the Shiraz grape is softened slightly from the voluptuous white Viognier grape. This cheese works very well with this wine, cutting the pepper and leaving a smooth finish.

Link to Bergeron Cheese Shoppe click here….

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