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LE 2013 January Food Pairings


It’s time – those lucky customers that have already picked up and started your January LTD offerings will be thinking about drinking them soon! Thankfully – the January pairings were the easiest to replicate at home.

A bit about: ARGENTINA MALBEC BONARDO – Over 60,000 acres are set aside in Argentina for growing the Malbec grape, and it is this grape that has put Argentina on the worldwide map for regions to watch. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, this region has produced not just “exceptional” vintage years, but several back to back “extraordinary” vintage years. Some of the best Malbec’s in the world are now coming from this region – what an exciting time to be enjoying this wine as a LTD selection! The Bondardo grape is the blending grape for Argentina, used primarily with Malbec and with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Point of interest – All Argentinean commercial varietal wines include 100% of the grape named on the label – no hidden blends unless named. This means, you will always know what you are getting.


1 Pork Roast, trimmed of any fatty pieces
Salt, liquid smoke.

Poke pork all over with a fork. Rub with a few dashes of liquid smoke on both sides, and sprinkle with salt. Place in a slow cooker with about 1/4 inch of water (or low sodium broth of your choice) and leave on high for about 7 hours. (until pork shreds easily with a fork)

Remove pork from the pot, pour liquid through a strainer to strain out any bits. Remove any fatty pockets from the pork, then shred with a fork. Place pork back in the liquid, adding a bit of broth if not moist enough.

As an appetizer, serve on a Bretton style cracker with a dab of plain Greek Yogurt.
As a meal – serve in a bun with a dab of plain Greek Yogurt.

A bit about: ARGENTINA TORRONTES – One of the two major white grapes grown in the region, this grape has a unique claim to fame of it’s own. Of the three most aromatic grapes in the world – Torrontes is one of them! (Gewurztraminer and Muscat claiming the other spots.) With such a pedigree, you can expect this wine to have exceptional nose to brag about when enjoying with your friends.

With the off-dry and slightly citrus taste and aroma that we enjoyed with our commercial equivalent – we opted to go with a sweet pairing to balance out the acidic properties of the wine.


Peak Freene Shortcake Biscuits
Regular Spreadable Cream Cheese (not fat reduced, or flavored)
Candied Ginger.

Spread a nice amount of cream cheese on the biscuit, and cut up pieces of the candied ginger to put on top. Best use of this pairing is acutally flipped over in the mouth. This brings the zing of the ginger forward first, before coating the tongue with the savory cream cheese, and finishing with a linger of sweetness from the biscuit.

For variety – try a sliver of pickled ginger instead of candied ginger. We had a lot of fun arguing back and forth over which ginger was the better choice. We rinsed the pickled ginger so that it would not pull out the acidity in the wine. In the end – some like it sweet, and some like ZING!

If you missed ordering these two limiteds – check in store to see about getting on the waiting list, or if any have become available.

Happy Tasting!

Kellie – Airdrie Home Vintner

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