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Kombucha Bottles – We Have the Best!


Kombucha is a variety of fermented green and/or black tea that is sweetened and lightly effervescent. This drink is commonly intended as a digestive aide and also for claimed health benefits. 

Lots of people make Kombucha at home, and it is also available in many grocery or health food stores. If you are making this at home yourself, please consider carefully the quality of your bottling options.

How to Make Kombucha

Making Kombucha at home is a great way to save money, but you are going to need your own bottles. There are many factors in choosing the right bottles and The Home Vintner has them available.

When making Kombucha, you could use a wide mouth gallon jug for fermentation. While you can use our pressure rated beer bottles to store your drinks in, we also have 750ml EZ Cap – flip top wine style bottles available. These bottles are rated for approximately 30 PSI for lightly carbonated beverages.

If you over carbonate or leave out warm to re-ferment, you should definitely consider the EZ Cap beer style or even Growler style bottles.

Flip-top style bottles are all the rage in home décor and are widely available. Unfortunately, many of these bottles are not made with food-grade glass, not suitable for carbonated beverages, nor do they seal properly.

Make sure to ask the retailer that you purchase your supplies from if there is lead in the glass, if it is food grade or intended for food, or pressure rated. If the retailer cannot answer these questions the answer is probably no.

Rest assured, all bottles and supplies from The Home Vintner are food grade and of excellent quality.