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It’s all about AMARONE!

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Viva Italia! We all know Italy produces some of the best (and most expensive!) wines in the world, and their famous Amarone wines are no exception. For those who have not yet tasted the delight that is Amarone, you are missing out! Amarone’s are in a league of their own and are known for their full bodied rich style that falls somewhere between a port and a dry red table wine.

Amarone is made from a blend of several local varieties of grapes, Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and a few other lesser known grapes. Grapes are left on the vine longer than usual, and after harvest are left to dry out in the sun. This process yields grapes that are very ripe and on their way to becoming raisin, bringing a rich, off dry and heavily concentrated final product. The name, Amarone, means “the Great Bitter” in Italian, referring to its intense tannins. The higher sugar content in these wines means they also tend to be higher in alcohol, easily reaching 15% and above.

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out $40 plus for an entry level Amarone at your local wine store, because SELECTION™  has a kit for you to make your own high end Amarone style wine. The trick to getting the same intensity as their commercial equivalents? This kit comes with skins to ensure the maximum expression of Amarone characteristics.

Amarone style wines also LOVE to age, so this is the perfect investment kit to beef up your wine cellar for the upcoming cold winter months. As hard as it will be to keep your hands off this delicious wine, it is WELL worth it to put a bottle or six away for awhile – even a couple years. (With proper cellaring conditions.)  Amarone’s are known for their ability to soften and evolve with age. If you have the will power, you’ll thank us later!

NOTE: this premium Selection™ kit with Grape Skins is on sale for August 2016! It is not often that 16L skins kits come on sale, so don’t miss out. Find our monthly specials here………

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