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It’s about purchasing the best

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It’s my 3rd anniversary working at The Home Vintner NW (I’ve been purchasing product here for over 13 years).  On staff it’s been a learning curve trying to communicate to our customers, “When making the best home made wine and beer it is not about price; it’s about purchasing the best product available in the world.”

Before meeting Paul, over the years I tried many kit companies in Calgary. After I made a few kits from The Home Vintner, at 6 months I actually poured all of my wine & beer cellar down the drain.  My palate had changed and I started to understand wine & beer.  Why invest your money and time to produce a low quality product that neither you or your friends can truly enjoy?

When I became the Alberta winemaker of the year in 2011 using Home Vintner products, it gave me a new platform to express my opinion.  I enjoy our clients because they appreciate our input, understand quality and enjoy their hobby!  In the last 4 years, members of our wine guild have been the Alberta wine maker of the year for 3 years.  Congratulations to both Ken and Wayne!

from Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year

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