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International Wine Competition Results

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Congrats to our customers!! Our Winemaker of the Year from the Provincial Competition , Wayne T, garnered THIRTEEN medals at the International Winemaker Magazine Competition in the States – a combo of Silver and GOLD!!
And Dave B, who took a Silver for his Winexpert Pacifica White , a GOLD for his Winexpert White Merlot and another GOLD for his Wx Millenium Sparkling! To quote Dave, “This year the judges in the Blush/Rose category were a little tough in that they only gave out 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze out of 63 entries! It makes my Gold even sweeter!”
Congrats all! Time and time again, this continues to prove that Winexpert kits are The Best on the market, and with the new formulations, they just keep getting better!!!