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How to Make an Award Winning Wine

Award Winning Wine

Award winning wine comes down to the rule of three: Quality, technique and age.

Award Winning Wine

Quality: Don’t settle for less. If you want to have an excellent wine, you need to start with a premium quality brand. it is not about the size of the kit but is more about the quality of the brand. The Home Vintner stands behind WineExpert, as it has proven itself consistently in its adherence to high standards.

Technique: It is not just about following kit instructions, there can be so much more. Our knowledgeable – and award winning staff – are always available to pair with our customers as they grow in their hobby. We offer classes, with tips and techniques that have been tested to improve both your wine and the winemaking experience. Our staff is more than happy to advise and assist in any way as we enjoy this hobby together.

Age: It’s not just about proper cellaring. The short story on storage is cool and consistent temperature with quality corks. However, to compete, it’s knowing when a wine is at its best. We are more than happy to advise our customers!

Come and visit us in-store and we can assist you with tips for award winning wine!

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