Hot Port Flip Cocktail

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It may not be egg nog season anymore but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on warm, velvety cocktails just yet. After all, the chilly Winter months are still here for a little while longer and a perfect way to keep warm is with a luscious, rich Hot Port Flip.

The “flip” cocktail originated in the 17th century and basically refers to a cocktail that is smooth, frothy and sweet from the addition of eggs and sugar. A flip cocktail can be made with gin, whiskey, rum, brandy, sherry or port. A superb cocktail to cozy up with while sitting around a hot fire on a cold night.

Hot Port Flip Recipe:

6 ounces Port
4 ounces cream
2 pinches nutmeg
2 teaspoons superfine sugar
2 eggs


1. Whisk the eggs with the sugar in a small mixing bowl until the sugar is dissolved and the eggs are frothy. Whisk in the cream.

2. In a saucepan, place the port and heat to a low simmer, making sure the port doesn’t boil.

3. Remove the port from heat and while whisking constantly, very slowly add the egg mixture to the hot port in the saucepan. Whisk until completely combined and the mixture is nice and smooth.

4. Serve warm with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Serves 2

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