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Hops – Customizing your Beer Kits

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Almost all contemporary beer contains hops of some variety, which were not utilized as an ingredient for beer until the 16th century. Craft beer enthusiasts today do everything from blending a variety of hops, to highlighting a single stunning hop.  Our Barons beer kits are precisely hopped and have balanced flavours. Having said that, most home brewers feel in their hearts that there is no such thing as too many hops!

Adding extra hops is an excellent way to customize your Barons beer kit. We recommend sticking to the classic varieties of hops while you build your experience with pairing hops with style of beer, while balancing aromatics, flavour and/or bittering.  Some hops can provide unusual flavours and aromas if used inappropriately.

When adding bittering hops, you will have to simmer them in wort for one hour.  Make your Baron’s kit to the 23L mark and then pull off 6-8 litres of wort to simmer your hops in. To compensate for evaporation, make sure to top your primary fermenter up to the full 23 litres after adding back the cooled and simmered hops.

Hops added to enhance flavour should be simmered in your wort for about 15 minutes.  Aroma hops are usually simmered for less than 5 minutes. Note that hops often can be used in more than one way – such as Citra for example. It can be used primarily as an aromatic hop, or it can be used as a bittering hop – or you can stage how you pitch it to capitalize on both properties!

Dry hopping can lend a wonderful aroma to your beer. These hops are added to the primary fermenter without simmering.  If you wish to dry hop, ensure that you use hops appropriate to the beer style and start with small doses, say 30 grams. Hop pellets dissolve and easily settle to the bottom without plugging your racking tube.

Suggested hops for style:

Cascade – a popular U.S. variety with a moderate bitterness level, and fragrant, flowery aroma – often used in Pale Ales.

Citra – very fruity, citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, gooseberries, lychee fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya.  Try it with our Pale Ale. (without oak to maximize on the citrus).

Czech Saaz – very distinctive flavour – mild, herbal, earthy and spicy. A great addition to our Canadian Pilsner.

Fuggle – moderate bittering value, mild and pleasant, spicy, soft, woody with some fruit tones. Used for finishing or dry hopping .  Excellent with our Pale Ale, our Porter and Stout add packs, or our Amber and Redwood Ales.

Golding – unique spicy aroma and refined flavour.  Excellent with all our Barons Ales.

Hallertau – for any European style lager, this is the best choice.   Mild spicy flavour and aroma. Goes well with our Canadian and Dutch Lagers.

We have more selections of hops for our beers, including more bittering styles such as Simcoe and Chinook. Please ask staff for assistance to customize your beer kits, we would be more than pleased to help!

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