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Home Vintner Wine Guild Christmas Party

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Wow!   What a great turn-out for our annual Guild Christmas party!    And a big welcome to the new members that showed up, showing such enthusiasm to learn all they can about the wine making process and making their own award winning wines & beer!     Everyone brought a pot-luck dish and the table and side counters were just groaning with the amount of food, not to mention many fine wines and beer.      Every time the doorbell rang, we all groaned, “Oh, no MORE FOOD!!”    LOL

It was great seeing everyone at this festive occasion, and once again, the Christmas decorations at Francois and Darlene’s home were absolutely amazing.  If you weren’t in the Christmas spirit when you arrived, you certainly were by the time you left!

The “wine of the night” was the Jost Winery’s Maple Wine out of Nova Scotia.   See my other Blog on this tasty morsel!

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