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Holiday Monday Close Encounters !

This past long weekend in August, Paul & I spent the holiday Monday at his cabin and decided to go for a canoe ride.      It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were paddling along, enjoying the awesome scenery along with swooping bald eagles,  ducks bobbing up and down, fish jumping out of the water and the haunting call of the loons.    We paddled around a couple of beaver dams, but this time did not see any beavers.   ( Unlike a previous occasion when we came upon 2 baby beavers swimming their lil hearts out — next thing we knew Momma Beaver surfaced at the bow of the canoe, slapping her tail up and down against the water.    We got the message — leave now – get away from my babies or I WILL swamp you ! )

We started to head back to the dock, and spotted a couple of loons directly ahead of us and what appeared to be a large log bobbing in the water.   As we got closer, we realized the “log” had ears!     Attached to these ears, was a grizzly bear on a mission to reach shore!  A bit of a shock along with a moment of tension  ( we did not have bear spray or bear bangers with us ) but fortunately he completely ignored us – he was so intent on reaching land.   Camera out, took pix, but he was moving so quickly, especially when he reached shore, that unfortunately they did not turn out.     We had Sadie with us,but she showed no desire to join him in the water * good dog * !!

We spotted him again when we were driving along the dirt path away from the lake – tried again to get a good pic but all he wanted to do was get away as fast as possible.  He was about 2 yrs old, maybe younger,  & probably his first foray on his own, away from Momma Bear.

We returned to the cabin where we both enjoyed a nice cold Barons Canadian Pilsner on the deck &  pondered how lucky we are to be able to see wildlife in their natural habitat, all the while maintaining a deep respect for them!      Moral of the story —  ALWAYS PACK THE BEAR SPRAY !!

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