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Grenache Cabernet

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Grenache and Cabernet is a match made in heaven. Both Grenache and Cabernet are two of the most widely planted grape varietals worldwide, but only Cabernet has the distinction of being bottled by name. Pretty much anyone who has ventured into the wine world in any capacity has tried a Cab, but may not be as familiar with Grenache. This is because quite often Grenache is used as a blending grape rather than a stand alone grape, and bottle under the region it’s grown in rather than by its proper name.

Grenache is planted widely throughout both Spain and France, where is it teamed up with other varietals and bottled under names such as “Chateuneuf-du-pape” or “Cote du Rhone”. In Spain, it is typically added to Rioja’s. While Grenache absolutely has the capacity to stand on its own, it’s true talent lies in its ability to make other varietals shine in blends.

Grenache tends to have silky smooth, fine grain tannins, resulting in a soft mouthfeel. When combined with a strong-willed Cabernet with chewy tannins and a rigid structure, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. The subtle fruitiness of the Grenache also serves to make the rich dark red fruits typical of Cabernet’s really “pop”. Additionally, the addition of Grenache to any blend will often increase the food-friendliness of the wine, smoothing out a potentially more tannic grape varietal, and allowing it to pair with a much wider range of dishes.

Grenache is no stranger to Australia, in fact it was one of the first grapes to be widely planted down under. Grenache is particularly well suited to the harsh Australian climate, as it is drought and heat resistant, and high yield.

We are very excited to bring you this year’s limited edition Grenache Cabernet blend from Riverland Australia, and the addition of the skins to this kit allows the full and rich nature of the wine to really shine.

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