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Grenache Cabernet with grape skins – Commercial Comparison

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Every year we put time and effort into finding a commercial comparison for the upcoming LE wine release. While this will never be exactly the same as what you can expect from your wine, it does serve to give you an idea of what you may expect. If you are interested and want to try this wine in advance, or pick it up to try against your home crafted wine later, here’s the pick for the LE16 Grenache Cabernet from Riverland Australia.

Shot in the Dark, Shiraz Cabernet Grenache, Australia 2013. Willow Park carries this wine, as well as the Star Liquor off Country Hills NW near Deerfoot (as they brought in a case for us, thx so much.) It retails in the $17 range. We chose this wine as it is very hard to find a Grenache Cabernet blend. With this one coming from Australia, it hit most of the marks we were looking for . Our other choice was a wine from France that was lacking in comparison. Nose led with oak/leather into spice, dark fruit, to brighter red fruit and finishing with cigar box. The taste started right up front with fruit: black cherry/plum, leading into a very smooth middle with spice, then moves onto a juicy slightly spicy finish. Cigar box, lingering dark fruit of black currant and dark cherry. Some hints of cinnamon and clove. In conclusion, the comparison was smooth, elegant and balanced with a lingering finish. We expect this to compare more with our selection once it has aged and reveals the leather and cigar box.

We tasted this wine with a few pairings. Our favorite pairing was the beef and barley risotto from the WinExpert recipe collection. This pairing enhanced the spice while leaving the wine very smooth and leaving a lingering finish of dark fruit.



GET ON THE LE16 WAITLIST HERE  .Please let us know which kits, how many, and which store you wish to pick up from. Thank you!

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