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Granville Island Brewery Tour!

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This past weekend I was in Vancouver to visit my son, Brent and future daughter-in-law, Sara!   On Sunday afternoon we took the ferry across to Granville Island to visit the market and many shops and mainly to take a tour of Granville Island Brewery.     It is an excellent little microbrewery and a fact-filled fun tour.    Amongst the tastings, my personal favourite was the Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale — caramel malt, light hop bitterness with a hint of pure Canadian Maple Syrup!   I liked it so much that I brought a 6-pack home to share with Paul.      Coincidentally,  he had been out to a pub in Calgary that same weekend and discovered a Maple Amber Ale from a microbrewery in Edmonton.     We are going to try each one and do a comparison – Blog to follow!

Granville Island Brewery also has a Limited Release Imperial Pale Ale ( VERY hoppy ! ) & we plan on sitting this side by side with Calgary’s own Wild Rose Brewery’s Limited Release Imperial Pale Ale, and see which one we prefer.   Again – Blog to follow !!

We are thinking of trying our hand at brewing a Maple Ale, but until we compare the two, not sure if we will lean towards the Barons Amber Ale as our base or the Barons Canadian Golden Ale………

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