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Glasses make a difference – Pinot Noir

7 oz burgundy

Pinot Noirs are one of my favourite wines. While enjoying one the other day and reminiscing about the time I’ve spent in the Burgundy region, I got to thinking about Burgundy glasses (and wine glasses in general). Red Burgundy glasses are the largest variety of wine glass, with a wide bowl, tapered top, and flared opening. The bowl on a Burgundy glass is so large because Burgundy varieties are so much more subtle they need a bigger area to gather the aromas. Pinot Noirs for example have very complex aromas with fruity notes of Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, and even Mushroom.

The most interesting thing I find about this glass, is the flare at the top of the glass. Because Burgundy varieties are so acidic the glasses feature a flared opening to direct the wine to the tip of your tongue, highlighting the sweetness of the wine.

You don’t need 30 different glasses to enjoy your wines, but having a couple different varieties certainly helps you get the most out of them.

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