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Glasgow Pub Crawl

micro brewery bar taps
Many of the pubs in Great Britain are closing due to lack of patronage.   Pubs doing well are the ones  focusing on quality real Ales.   These beers have many flavours and a wide range of aromas – nuttiness/ apricot / burnt popcorn / grapefruit / honey / banana / pear / apple / prune / roasted chestnuts / chocolate and cherry.     You cannot get this character in a “run of the mill” pint! 
I still find some pubs here don’t respect the proper handling of their brews, but most are taking more  care as their patrons are demanding that they do.
All this beer research has inspired me to expand our beer extras for our Barons kits – a greater selection of hops and grains and liquid yeast – to let our Hop Heads experiment more with their brewing.
I am on my way back to Canada with a quick stop in St John’s for a few pints.     I have to get back to Calgary to get my own beer production going!
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