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Getting the most out of your shipping $$$$

When customers order product online to be shipped to them, we always strive to do our best to let them know how best to minimize their shipping costs. With our new great low prices for shipping, the magic number is 10lbs. What does that mean exactly?

Often we will receive an order for a package of labels, some shrinks, maybe 30 corks – and the shipping cost will be for the minimum – 10 lbs. If you had the labels and shrinks, added 100 corks, an auto siphon, thief, hydrometer, hose and clamp, vacuvin pump, carboy brush and bag of beer caps…….. same price! (and still not even 1/2 way there to 10lb!)

Rest assured – we will still trouble shoot your order, quote you, and make suggestions if appropriate – prior to processing your order. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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