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Follow Your Nose

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As a wine and beer maker I take pride in making the best kits on the market. In order to appreciate your wine or beer to the fullest, it’s important to pay attention to quality.

The vast majority of kits on the market contain lesser quality juice and use dated technology to produce kits that have virtually NO development potential! From what I have gained in experience, I only want to make kits that stand alone in the industry and consistently produce the best wine or beer.

Some producer’s claim their kits are up to the same standard as Winexpert, but don’t be fooled. The most common fault with a lot of wine kits sold today is the lack of nose or aroma. The wine is virtually “dead”.

It is for this reason it has to be Winexpert for me!

I believe everyone should take pride in all of their handcrafted wine and beer. Do not accept anything you would not be proud to share with your friends and family, including the “wine snobs” amongst them!

So now, put your wine to the test. After you pour yourself a glass, give it a good swirl or two. This will aerate your wine to release its aromas. Put your nose right in the glass. Sniff deeply. Swirl and swirl again. Now, trust your nose. It smells like wine, but try to pick up the subtleties within, for example, strawberries, blackcurrant, green pepper, vanilla, tobacco, tar, wet grass, lychee.

Wayne T is Alberta’s Wine Maker of the Year, is a certified wine judge (level three) and a beer judge, Wayne recently won 13 awards at the International Wine Maker Competition.