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Filtering Wine

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Should you filter? Only if you want to polish up your wines. Filtering is a personal choice and not a requirement. The Home Vintner has carefully selected a style of filter system to minimize the impact and enhance the character of the wines.

Our systems reduce filter shock and allows the wine to recover much more quickly. We use the best quality filter pads available which we have tested ourselves. Cheaper pads will leave bits of paper in your wine and result in a cardboard taste.

We have a humidor storage system using sterile gas only, without the use of caustic chemicals. This keeps the filters ready for use in our clean and sanitized filter machines. We take these extra steps as we take pride in ensuring you get the best possible wine for your efforts.

A wine that is cloudy with sediment is not ready to be filtered. Once your wine is clear, you carefully rack it into the filter system, leaving the sediment behind in the carboy. Sediment that is drawn into the filter will clog the pads, making the process slow and unsuccessful.

The filter shown above was plugged as a result of sucking up sediment when racking from carboy to filter system.


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