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This is a distinctive wine with grapefruit, rose petal and lychee nut characteristics with a hint of sweetness. With an aromatic bouquet of cinnamon like spiciness and zesty citrus flavours that lead to a mouth-filling finish. Includes Flavour-Pack.

The Mosel valley is famous for its beautiful scenery and excellent wines. Gewürztraminer grapes from this region tend to be a dusky pink colour, and result in wines from light to a dark golden yellow with subtle copper tones. Gewürztraminer is quite full-bodied, more so than most any other white wine type and the combination of its strong and heady perfume, exotic lychee flavour and rich texture make it a powerful wine with an intense and memorable finish.

Appellation: Mosel Valley, Germany

Region: Gewürztraminer originated from an ancient grape found near Termeno, a village in northern Italy. Plantings in German vineyards yielded opulently aromatic grapes, tinged with rosy pink that the winemakers christened ‘gewurz’, which translates to ‘perfumed’ – not ‘spicy’ as is sometimes thought.

Grapes for Winexpert’s Mosel Valley Gewürztraminer come from a region of Germany not far from where the Mosel meets the Rhine, from a town called Zell. With steeply sloped vineyards and mineral rich soils, the MoselValley produces some of the world’s finest cool-climate white wines. Low yields and hand cultivation ensure intense, richly aromatic grapes.

The Wine: Winexpert’s Mosel Valley Gewürztraminer is redolent with heady perfume and the aromatic fragrance of lychee, tropical fruit and rose petals. Finishing off-dry, it’s flavours are ample, lusciously fruity and spicy rather than complex.

Food Pairings: Matches well with spicy food such as Thai or Szechuan cuisine, strong cheeses and fresh fruits.

Sweetness Code: 1 (off-dry) Body: Medium Oak: none

Ageing: Tempting to drink right away, the deeper floral characters develop further after six months to a year.

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