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Drinking wine in a Casablancan kasbah

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“Drinking wine in a Casablancan kasbah”

Grapes began being cultivated in Morocco’s Casablanca wine region during the the reign of the Romans at the turn of the previous Milenium, and the French brought their vinoculture expertise during their ongoing influence beginning in the 10th century, the French also invested heavily in Moroccan vineyards in modern times.

I’m constantly surprised by the quality and complexity of so many Moroccan wines. Most of the reds tend to be refreshing and low in tannins, and the whites are best enjoyed very well chilled.

So far a favourite wine has been the ‘Président Semillion Blanc’, an excellent and affordable example of the local terroir. To recreate a similar wine with our Winexpert kits, try the World Vineyard Trinity White, which belnds Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillion to give you the citrus aromas and crisp rounded fruit typical of this region.

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