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Easy Steps to Learn More About Wine


By urging you to drink more we don’t just mean that you should increase your consumption.  After all, you can only drink so much before it affects your behaviour, health and ability to get up in the morning. We mean you should take every opportunity to squeeze a learning experience out of wine consumption!

Where to Learn About Wine

Try different wines at restaurants, parties, go to wine festivals.  At wine festivals, you can try many different wines under one roof for a reasonable price. Make a pilgrimage to wine country! 

We have the beautiful Okanagan Valley right next door to our province.   Find a designated driver or a bus tour, and hit a handful a day for a great education and a really good time.  Keep a notebook and write down relevant facts about wines tasted for later reference. In around 20 words you can make a taste impression more vivid in your mind.

Never underestimate your ability to create a tasting party and learning experience of your own from your home wine cellar. Customers often believe that they don’t have the ability to pick aromatics or flavours from a wine, and are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can when comparing wines directly.

It can be as simple as choosing a favorite wine or two from your cellar and then purchasing a few commercial equivalents from the same region at a few price points. Serve them in tasting glasses (blind, so no preconceptions) and discuss them amongst your group.  There are lots of tasting room opportunities all around our city.

Top portion of article shortened from an article by Tim Vandergrift.

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