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Dirty Laundry Wine, British Columbia

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I spent 5 days during my birthday in beautiful BC, visiting my son and daughter-in-law, plus a dog and a guinea pig!      My first night there Sara shared one of her hidden treasures – a 2009 bottle of Kay-Syrah from the Summerland, BC winery of Dirty Laundry.     I have never been to this winery, but the name has always intruiged me, and it has long been on “the list” – just never made it there.    But, after drinking this bottle ( ahem, I should say, SHARING this bottle ) with my family it is a definite stop the next time Paul & I head off to the Okanagan!

The nose was incredible – just leapt out the glass!     Perhaps the back of the bottle says it best ( along with an explanation of the name Dirty Laundry ! )

“During the Gold Rush era, our town’s laundry seemed innocent enough! Little did anyone know of the naughty business that went on behind the scenes!  Perhaps it is best that we keep this little known part of Summerland history hush-hush.  After a long, sensuous soak our  sultry French lady lavishes herself with enticing aromas of lavender, spice and fresh berry fruits.  Her attitude is Que Sera Sera, which makes her a pleasure to enjoy with or without a meal.”

Yes, the laundry also housed a brothel, and from there the name Dirty Laundry evolved!    A definite must-do on my next road trip!  Who wants to come along?!?

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