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Did you know – Homemade Wine & Beer Kits are TAX FREE!

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On my last trip to the liquor store, I noticed that a dozen 330 ml Grolsch cost $29.99 plus GST.  That’s just shy of 4 litres. Our beer kits produce about 23 litres of beer, no tax. To purchase 23 litres of Grolsch equals six cases. The total cost would be 6 x $29.99 = $279.94 + $9 GST = $288.94, plus deposit.. Meanwhile, our most comparable kit to Grolsch, Barons Dutch Lager, sells for $49.95, no tax.

• The AGLC standard mark-up rate for beer is $1.32 per litre which is hidden in the purchase price. GST is then charged on top of that.

• Total tax on beer including GST for 23 litres is $1.40 x 23 = $32.20.

Whether this is your first or hundredth kit, our helpful staff at the Home Vintner are always available to help you make the best beer you’ve ever made, either by phone, e-mail or in person. Have you tasted a great new style of beer on your travels? Our staff are always working to create new add-on packs to customize our beer kits to nearly any style you can think of. We even guarantee our kits, you either love it, or we give you your money back!

Hankering for some tax free Grolsch now? Shop online! Buy a tax-free Baron’s Dutch Lager Beer Kit now!

First time making a kit? Buy a starter kit now, and register for one of our ongoing wine & beer making classes!