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Dessert Wines and Port

Although we are on the cusp of summer, Fall will sneak up on us before we are ready for it. It’s never too early to prepare, and what better way to brave the chillier temperatures than with rich, delicious dessert wines. Now is the time to start thinking about stocking up Dessert Wines and Port, as these are 6 week kits that also benefit from a few months rest in the bottle.

The chocolate raspberry port has been a staff favourite for years, stocking up on as much as possible and encouraging our customers to do the same. This year they’ve added two new flavours to the series, peppermint mocha and red velvet, which we are equally excited about.

The potential pairings for these wines are varied, but one of our absolute favourite pairings of all time it the chocolate raspberry port with Lindt’s Ecuador chocolate. Sometimes a pairing is just so magical that it brings what we like to call a WOW factor. Seperately the chocolate and wine are great, but putting them together enhances both so greatly you have to stop and say WOW!

Here at the Home Vintner, we currently have three amazing flavours to choose from:

  • Chocolate Raspberry – Rounded Cherry, Plum, and Bright Raspberry with Rich Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla!

  • Peppermint Mocha – New! – Dark Chocolate and Cool Peppermint blend seamlessly with the Rich Coffee notes!

  • Red Velvet – New! – Rich and Velvety notes of Dark Berry with a hint of Moist Sponge Cake enveloped in Decadent Chocolate!

All of these are available for pre-order, and preordering is highly recommended as these kits typically sell out quickly. In fact, to encourage pre-orders so our customers don’t accidentally miss out on these delicious kits, we are offering a discount.

Pre order by May 15.

If you pre-pay your order online you can save 10% off your purchase!

Simply click on the link  on our homepage and you will be on your way to delicious dessert wines!

All of these would make a fantastic addition to your cellar or to drink when ready!

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