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Delicious Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine

Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine

This video demonstrates the ” WOW!” factor when pairing our popular Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine with a certain chocolate!    Many people have not experienced this when pairing wine with food.   This wine boasts flavours of warm cherries and plums and supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry and luscious chocolate.

We are offering the remaining kits at $ 20 off, while supplies last, at our Calgary store.  They are half size kits, so you need 2 kits to make the full 23 Litres, or the small carboy for 1 kit, producing 11.5 Litres.

You can also contact us directly to reserve, as these kits are a Limited Release at 403-284-0486 or 1-888-222-0486.

Remember….FREE delivery within Calgary city limits on all orders over $150.00!

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