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Research provided by GlassRite Research Data – May 2008 – ISBN 1-84405-386-5.  Glass offers protection from UV light that can affect wine and beer quality. The correct quality of the glass and colour can enhance the protection of your wine and beer. Thinner bottles and poor colouring have implications for its ability to protect your wine. Light & short wave lengths in the UV & blue end of the spectrum causes chemical reactions within the wine which shows up as “wet dog and cooked cabbage”! This reaction is known as Light-Struck and can occur within hours of exposure to light.

Red wines, because of their tannin content, are less susceptible to Light-Struck flavours than white wines.

Fluorescent lights emit UV radiation in the harmful spectrum range which damages the freshness and fruit characteristics of your wines. The old style incandescent lights are not a problem but be cautious as more incandescent bulbs are being replaced by fluorescent low wattage bulbs – this is causing more concerns for wine storage.

Amber is the ideal colour followed by The Home Vintner’s thick walled dark green bottles, followed by clear glass. The Home Vintner only sells the best quality wine kits and then only the best quality wine bottles to properly protect our wines.

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