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Boston “Bruin” @ My Cabin

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not a sports fan.   You’ll have to chat with Pat about anything sports related!  I’m the guy that will ask Pat, while she’s watching a hockey game, what inning it is!

I do know however, that the battle for the Stanley Cup is underway — that’s hockey, right???    I also know the fight for the Cup is between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins ( cuz I asked Pat).

As you can see from this photo, I have my own”Bruin” right in my own backyard ( don’t think he’s from Boston tho! )

This Big Enforcer ( see, I know my hockey terms – cuz I asked Pat……) anyway, this Bruin is a magnificent creature.   We knew there was a bear around because we saw the signs, as well the suet bird feeder was ripped right off the side wall, bracket and all!   We set up a camera to determine if it was a black bear or a grizzly.    This photo confirms it is indeed a grizzly.

Doubt if this “Bruin” is into hockey either……………..but more with my lifestyle……………….maybe we could share a pint???