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Blanc de Noir – Commercial Comparison

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Every year we put time and effort into finding a commercial comparison for the upcoming LE wine release. While this will never be exactly the same as what you can expect from your wine, it does serve to give you an idea of what you may expect. If you are interested and want to try this wine in advance, or pick it up to try against your home crafted wine later, here’s the pick for the LE16 Blanc de Noir from San Joaquin Valley, California.

Ghost Hill Cellar: Pinot Noir Blanc (2011, Savanah Ridge Estate Grown, Oregon) We found this sample to be light fruit and nice aromatics, very much like still champagne with mouth watering acidity and a dry finish. We definitely found the crab apple and mouth watering grapefruit!  It brought us into an idea of the wine, but we expect a little less acidity and a little more sweetness and fruit in the taste and nose from our LE selection. We also tried a really nice Blanc de Noir from NZ, but think the first choice is potentially closer.

While we did not get a chance to cook a pairing with this wine, we did sample it alongside ham slices with different mustards and chutneys. Sweet honey mustard was a surprise, keeping a balanced acidity in the wine, while enhancing the grapefruit in the finish.

In conclusion – the backbone of acidity in this selection (as made from pinot noir grape) leaves you with a quenching enjoyment that drives you back for sip after sip!



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