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Beer Pairings With Your Holiday Meal!

With Christmas coming, it’s time to bring on the food, drink and other merriness-inducing supplies.  We all know what wines we prefer with our festive meals!  Which is why we’re looking at what beers will complement your Christmas dinner.

ROAST HAM – a gloriously glazed ham is a great Christmas option.  Sweet and salty, a Brown or Amber Ale will let you enjoy both, without wiping your palate clean, while a Czech Pilsner’s malty sweetness matches the sugar even as its hoppiness cuts through the salt.

TURKEY –  The chicken’s “big brother” desperately needs liquid assistance as it contains less water than a Saharan museum exhibit! If you’re worried about watery instant gravy, you’ll want a strong flavoured Belgian Ale to help your mouth & tongue make it through the chewing! If you’re looking forward to a thick, flavourful sauce, a Pilsner is an excellent refresher between bites, letting you make the most out of every mouthful.

LAMB –  Lamb is strong & satisfying on the palate. A robust beer is required here!  Anything lighter will be turned into water by the mouth-filling feel of good lamb. A strong Ale knows how to handle itself in a flavour fight, and if you’re using a thick sauce, you can up the ante with a mild IPA.

FISH – Describe your fish and you’ll describe your beer. Light, white fish works well with a light Pilsner.  A stronger smoked salmon should be matched by a stronger smoked Rauchbier or a regular Stout if you don’t want to take on too much taste.

VEGETARIAN –  If you’re not operating under vegan limitations, your best starting point is the spiciness of your vegetarian dish. Hoppy Ales hold their own against spices, mellowing the heat without wasting it like cold Lager.  Then, go by weight — heavier dishes pair well with heavier Ales & Stouts, while lighter salads love Lagers.  You can also complement crisp salads with a Wheat Beer, bathing the tongue in softer taste and texture between each mouthful, leaving it eager to enjoy the next!

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