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Barons Secrets for Making Your Best Beer Ever – Advanced Beer Making Class March 24, 2010

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Beer isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

This group was very knowledgeable, well traveled, and experienced in many of the different styles of beer.  Being Home Vintner customers, they already have high standards, but want to do more with their basic kits, twisting and turning Barons kits into different styles!

The Home Vintner’s own Alan Hunt, Beer maker of the Year 2009, was in attendance.   Alan loves to “talk beer”!

We judged the following styles of beer: classic Pilsner, European style Wheat beer, IPA, Amber, Innes & Gunne, Oatmeal Stout, Barley Wine, and paired them all with appropriate cheeses to enhance the enjoyment.

Our Home Vintner beer makers set the bar higher than anywhere else in the province!

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