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Bad Bad Advice

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Bad, bad advice!!  The Home Vintner prides itself on having the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.  Our wine guild has won over 500 provincial, national and international awards, we have 15 staff certified through the winemaking excellence program (that’s more than any other store in North America).  Over 9,000 people have completed our wine and beer making

We have also conducted joint projects with university researchers (who are also our customers) on altitude factors, plastics and barometric pressure influences, etc.  We do our homework!  So when we honour our 100% guarantee and replace a wine kit because our client got bad advice from another store we get cranky.

The internet can be scary – in an hour study, we found more incorrect information than correct, when it comes to wine & beermaking it is an unreliable source.  Then there’s You Tube!  So much bad information.

Some examples (too many to list): adding liquid oak, glycerin’s, bananas, elderberries, loose lids on primaries, wine conditioner, oak table legs into the primary (YES, really)!!  We don’t sell second rate wines that have to be heavily modified to make them palatable.  Don’t mess with our wines unless you’ve talked to our staff.

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