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Another Fine Wine by the Fireplace!

Last Sunday evening, Paul & I were out at his cabin in the woods, sitting in front of his fireplace with a  cheery, crackling fire & decided to celebrate two things:   1) The Flames had  shut out the Habs 4 – 0 in the outdoor Heritage Classic @ McMahon Stadium and 2)  on the drive out to Waiparous we spotted a glorious grey wolf trotting across the meadow – he turned to watch us go by – he was majestic!    It is common to see coyotes out there, but the wolves are more elusive, so this was a real treat.

We needed a fine wine to celebrate, so Paul started rooting!    He came up with a well aged ( prob 4 to 5 years ) Selection Crushendo Santa Ynez Valley Syrah.   A well aged Syrah is known for its immense colour, body, flavour and longevity & this one hit the mark on all counts!     We poured this wine into our breathable Eisch wine glasses and the first thing we both noticed was the incredible nose!   These glasses really let the wine open up and express itself.    Rich berry aromas , leathery tannins,  with a hint of spice.    Upon swirling and tasting, the first thing I noticed was the rich taste of licorice!      Paul discovered dark chocolate , dark fruits and also picked up on the licorice.

This really emphasized to us the importance of aging, especially if you are comparing home vintned wines vs commercial varieties.    Winexpert wines will develop complexities to rival many expensive commercial wines.     Our customers often tell us that they prefer their handcrafted wines!

Keep in mind that not all wines will evolve this way – some wines are better consumed when young.   Ask our staff what the best candidates would be for your cellar!



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