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All about Chilean Wine

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The Wine Life in Chile

Finding good wines at reasonable prices can be difficult. Chilean wines can be an excellent way to achieve both of those conditions. Unfortunately, the Alberta government now has the highest cost for beer and wine in Canada. With low employment rates and higher housing costs, it is important to select the best wine at the most reasonable cost. Chilean wine tends to be the most cost-effective for the high quality of wine that consumers demand, and The Home Vintner has several Chilean wine kits to offer you!

The Cost of Chilean Wine

Chilean wines are some of the most reasonably priced wines in North America and their quality is just as good, if not better, than its price. Owner Paul Sass from The Home Vintner has sampled some of the best of these wines first-hand during a recent journey to Chile! When you buy wine in Chile, it is often priced at less than $10 CND for a very decent wine.

One stigma for Chilean wine is that they usually send their cheaper and most produced wines to North America. This is why Chile has developed a reputation for cheap, but great wines. This stigma is also why some liquor stores put Chilean wines ‘in the corner’. The actuality is that Chilean wineries have a huge variety of premium wines that are only available in Chile and they keep the truly great vintages for themselves. However, this trend is changing with many new wineries emerging and the demand for higher end wines increasing.

With The Home Vintner you don’t have to wait! You can make your own Chilean wines that reflect the amazing varieties coming out of Chile today!

Chilean Wine Varieties

The main Chilean wine varieties are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for white with Merlot and Carménère for the red.

Chile is an extremely long country, stretching 4300 km from north to south, and has every optimal growing condition. Deserts, mountains, hills, valleys, and everything in between contributes to the varietals and varieties of Chilean wines. From dry and crisp to fruity and floral, Chilean wines have what you are looking for. Along with Carménère and Merlot, another Chilean favorite is Malbec. It is a classic, elegant wine that is very well made that you can get for any price.

 It’s summer time in Chile (will be soon in Canada!) and nothing goes better with a hot day than a crisp, cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc! It is the most produced grape varietal in Chile and they do it very well! Any price, any vintage and any vineyard are all amazing but with different tastes, even with the same grape! WinExpert sources their grapes from the Colchagua Valley, Maule Valley, and Curicó regions in Chile. The Maule region has a huge number of entry level wines that are a bit more green peppery than the more established regions. Then there is the famous Casablanca valley. This area produces mostly Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and is a cool climate valley that first had grapes in the 1980’s.

Our Sauvignon Blanc Kit represents the grapes of these regions. With a cooler climate and a longer ripening period, the grapes develop more complexity, while balancing sugar and acidity. The Home Vintner has this varietal and many others available for you to craft your own fantastic Chilean wine!

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