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Alexander Keith’s Limited Release Tartan Ale

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Due to the weather warning last night by Environment Canada, we decided to stay in town and not venture out to Paul’s cabin in the woods!     After a long, physically tiring day at work, neither one of us felt like cooking, so we mosied on down to Riverstone Pub for beer and pub fare.

There on our table by the fireplace was a stand-up ad for Alexander Keith’s Limited Release Tartan Ale.     We both love Scottish Ales, especially after visiting Scotland,  so this appealed to both of us.

We were pleasantly surprised with this Scottish style ale with warm amber hues and complex aromas, giving it a full-bodied taste with a slightly smoky finish.  It is amber in colour, a sip reveals the malty character of the beer, along with a hint of sweetness from caramel. The finish is malty with a lightly roasted touch.

We plan on trying our hand at this style of beer using the Barons Amber Ale , with 500 grams of  steeped, smoked malt.    We plan on adding this recipe to our ever growing beer recipes at our stores!    Cheers!


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