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Airdrie Class – Spanish Rose for summer!

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Another enthusiastic group of 20 attended our May 5th wine & beer making class at the Airdrie store, including  some that visited our booth at the Airdrie Home & Garden Fair.

We have now put over 9,000 people through our classes over the years, as we want our customers to start out right from the get-go with a high level of knowledge, and set their standards high!    Quality, quality, quality matters to us – that is why we will ONLY carry the Winexpert  / Barons line.   We could carry others – we choose not to.    We’ll stick with The Best!  We  have 15 Certified Winemakers on staff as well as several wine judges.

During this particular class, I started a Selection International Spanish Rose ( Limited Release ) – a luscious combination of Spanish red and white grapes, including the silky and seductive Tempranillo, which together creates a perfect Spanish Rose that is light – medium in body with a crisp, dry finish.   It is best enjoyed while young, crisp and refreshing.     It is a perfect summer wine and reminds me of my travels throughout Spain years ago.

Last year, one of our Guild members carbonated 15 bottles of his Spanish Rose and took a Gold medal in the Sparkling category!     We still have some Spanish Rose kits left in our stores, but it is very popular indeed, and no wonder!



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