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Airdrie Class Jan 28/12

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On January 28th, our Airdrie store hosted 27 people eager to learn the art of wine and beer making of award winning calibre.   Airdrie has a permanent classroom, and a “Continental” style breakfast was offered. Paul demonstrated the start-up of a classic Red Meritage ( Bordeaux style ) along with the addition of a liquid yeast to enhance certain characteristics of the wine.   
During the beer portion of the class, Paul started a Barons Canadian Golden Ale.  The idea at the time was to add honey to create the Honey Ale that Obama is known for, but we re-thought it and decided we would give it a Canadian twist, and add Maple Syrup.  This will be added into the carboy at the first racking out of the primary.
We have always offered classes, but we feel it is more important than ever to teach these classes and correct a lot of misinformation that has surfaced recently.
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