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Airdrie Class, Feb 15, 2012

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At last night’s class at the Airdrie store, Paul demonstrated winemaking by starting a Selection Sicilian Nero d’Avola with Grapeskins.   This is a deep full bodied red , with ripe red fruit and notes of spice.      He demonstrated the handling of the grapeskins ( very jammy ! ) and also discussed the advantages of using Liquid Yeast .    Paul decided to use a Liquid Yeast in this Nero d’Avola kit.   He explained the benefits of Liquid Yeast in SOME wines!

Our group was varied last night — some experienced winemakers just wanting a refresher course and check out new techniques,  1 young couple that had made their first batch, and others that were beginners to the hobby.

People interested in beer making were delighted to discover our recipe add packs to tweak the Barons kits to their own personal tastes.

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