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Aging Your Wine

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Many wine makers have a lot of misconceptions about aging their wine by assuming that ALL wines improve with age.

Not all wine kits are created equal.  Most kit manufacturers don’t invest money in creating wine kits that have the structure and complexity to age properly.  Our Winexpert brand does!  Hence the 500 Provincial & National awards for our Home Vintner wines.  All kit manufacturers enter wines into these competitions – Winexpert always dominates.

In being part of Winexpert’s Advisory Committee, 2 weeks ago in Vancouver I spoke (& enjoyed a few glasses of wine) with one of our international buyers.  He told me that Winexpert invests the money in buying only the best grapes, more than other brands, and obviously it shows!

Our Vintners Reserve and World Vineyard line is designed to be consumed on the younger side.  Our Selection kits are geared to develop to their full potential from 6 months onward.  Estate kits may be aged for years, developing rich aromas and complexity.

Since each wine has an individual personality, it’s best to ask the staff for specifics.  We have the most knowledgeable staff in Western Canada, which includes Certified wine judges, Wine Makers and Brew Master of the Year Awards.  We can give you the best advice regarding which wines to choose for specific occasions along with aging potential.