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All Winexpert wines will improve with a minimum of three months ageing, and they will continue to improve over time. How long this enhancement will continue successfully depends on factors like the type bottle, the cork you used, and the conditions in which you store the wine.

However, as a rule, the more intensely flavoured and darker a wine is, the longer it will benefit from ageing. So you can use the guide below to give you a very general idea of the suggested ageing periods.  In Calgary with the right storage conditions these numbers may often be doubled.

  • Island Mist: drinkable at bottling time – holds up to one year
  • Vintners Reserve Whites: minimum one month – maximum one year
  • Vintners Reserve Reds: minimum two months – maximum one year
  • Selection Original and Limited Edition Whites: minimum 1-3 months – maximum 1-2 years
  • Selection Original and Limited Edition Reds: minimum 3-6 months – maximum 2-3 years
  • Selection Estate Whites: minimum 2-4 months – maximum 2-3 years
  • Selection Estate Reds: minimum 6-9 months – maximum 3-4 years

Author: Winexpert

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