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Ageing gracefully

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Recently, one of our customers brought us a fantastic surprise. A bottle of 1998 Winexpert Selection Petite Sirah! This wine has been discontinued for some years, meaning this wine had been aged for SEVENTEEN years! We couldn’t wait to get home and pop the cork that evening. Wow! This delightful wine had aged beautifully, and was as complex and robust as any high end 17 year old commercial variety would be. Deep notes of coffee, cedar nose and intense dark fruits on the palate, it was absolutely fantastic. Most other brands  of wine kits just don’t have the structure to age beyond the first year, regardless of the price you paid for them. Grapes for our Selection and Eclipse wine kits are carefully selected to ensure they exemplify the qualities and structure needed to age well. Just be sure you are storing your wine in the appropriate conditions, away from light, slightly humid, and at a cool and constant temperature. These customers used corks purchased at The Home Vintner, did not add any extra sulphites, and the
proof was in the bottle an incredible seventeen years later!

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