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Advanced Beer Making Class – Northwest Calgary Store

On the evening of Thursday March 22/11 enthusiastic beermakers arrived at the Northwest Calgary store to learn more about brewing beer, and the many different styles of beer.     Our beer tasting selection included:   Wild Rose WRaspberry  Ale / Wild Rose IPA  /   Belgian Kwak ( a delightful beer! ) / St Bernardus Wit ( Pat’s favourite – a citrus background reminiscent of Hoegaarden) / Anchor Porter /    Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Scottish Beer /  Cannery Brewing Blackberry Porter /  St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout / & Half Pints Brewing Co  Burley Wine ( a barley style extra strong beer ).

We have had a 40% increase in beer kit sales this past year, which speaks to the fact that more and more people are coming to the realization that they CAN brew excellent beer at home with our Barons full malt beer kits.

As each beer was tasted, Paul described what Barons kit could be used as a blank canvas to attain that style, along with different malts, hops, spices etc.      Tips were shared on different yeasts, malts, hops and spices, along with recipes and handouts.     We will be stocking different yeasts ( eg., Wyeast Belgian Wit ),  chamomille, orange peel, coriander,  different malts ( eg chocolate malt ) to enable our beermakers to tweak and play with brewing many different styles.

Paul also had different styles of glasses for beer varieties & explained the importance of a clean glass when pouring your beer.  ( NEVER put your beer glasses in the dishwasher ! )

Recipes will soon be available at all Home Vintner locations.   We are looking forward to a “Bigger Beer” presence in our stores.

Look on our Facebook Page for more photos of this fun and informative evening.

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