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Add on packages and recipes for beer

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We have clients who have moved to Edmonton who return to Calgary stores because we have add on packages which take your beer to a new dimension.  Exclusive to The Home Vintner – beer add on packages with instructions and the extra dry ingredients intended to pair with our Barons Beer Kits.  We also have beer recipes that will add a new dimension to your beer cellar.

• Belgian Wit – cracked wheat, oats, cracked coriander and orange peel. Use American Lite or Mexican Cerveza and Belgian Wit yeast.

• Black Pilsner – 60° L Caramel Malt, Chocolate Malt & Hallertau Hops, use Barons Dutch Lager or Canadian Pilsner with Wyeast Bavarian Lager, Czech Pilsner or Kolsch.

• Cherry Porter – chocolate malt and roasted barley. Use Barons Brown Ale, try Irish Ale Yeast.

• India Pale Ale – cascade hops and oak chips. Use Pale Ale – try British or American Ale Yeast, recipes included to make an Innis & Gunn Style & a West Coast IPA & Wayne’s Scotch Hi-Test IPA using a Canadian Hi-Test.

• Redwood Chocolate – crushed chocolate malt. Use Barons Redwood Ale, try Scottish Ale Yeast.

• Stout – roasted milled barley & oatmeal. Use Barons Brown Ale, try British Ale or Irish Ale Yeast.

• Tartan Ale – crushed smoked malt. Use Barons Amber Ale, try Scottish Ale Yeast.

• Wheat Beers – cracked wheat. Use Barons Cdn Lager or Ale, try American Wheat Yeast


• Fruit & Pumpkin Beer – use American Lite, Mexican Cerveza, Cdn Lager or Cdn Golden Ale. Recipes for Lime, Mango, Raspberry and Wild Blueberry. Use American Lite or Mexican Cerveza for the Pumpkin Beer.

• Ginger Beer – use Mexican Cerveza, Canadian Lager, Dutch Lager or Amber

• Honey & Maple Beers – use Barons Brown Ale or Cdn Golden Ale try American Ale Yeast

• Winter Spice Amber – use Barons Amber

Paul’s Bombay Gluten Free IPA

Bries Sweet White Sorghum Syrup, Cascade Hops, Nottingham Brewing Yeast (GMO & Gluten Free) & Dextrose for bottling.

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