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A moment to remember

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Paul found a home brewed stout in his stash that was 4 years old.  He brought it into work and 4 of us shared the one bottle.  You can see from the head on this beer that age does indeed help.  I was amazed at the wonderful flavour that time had produced and the crazy head.  Today I am wondering why I drank all the beer that I made 4 years ago!  Today I am drinking a Baron’s Dutch that I made last June.  Time allows your beer to mature with complete carbonation.  Even after an hour my beer is still showing a good amount of carbonation.  My focus this month is to make sure my supply is aged for hopefully some hot summer days.  My 3 Mexican Cervesa’s are coming along well, the fruit that remained in the carboys is starting to disappear.  With some success I will be introducing the recipes for Mango, Raspberry and Blueberry Cerveza’s in our next newsletter.  Start your summer beers now.

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