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A Battle Brewing in Scotland

There is a brewing trend in Scotland, a crusade to reclaim the quality of beer in this country.  
I am sitting in the Central Pub in St Andrews on the front lines, amongst a group of locals who recognise excellence in the service of cask ale (aka draught)
Self-proclaimed quality control enforcers, they routinely inspect pubs to check out the temperature, appearance, aroma and flavour at the point of dispense.  They maintain that ONE of TWO pints are of poor quality.  That’s fifty per cent BAD BEER.  Shocking.
Due to their findings, there is big push to promote real ales here, the types made the traditional way.  Our Barons kits are in this category, made with wholesome food ingredients, fermented in the carboy once, and again in the bottle for natural carbonation.
If you want to experience the real ale style, try Barons Pale Ale, Redwood Ale, Golden Ale or Amber Ale.  Real ale is a rich source of vitamins and has genuine health benefits, but the real reason to try this beer is, it tastes great! 

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