Home Vintner Survey

The Home Vintner (THV) is your one stop wine and beer making store.

Please help us serve you even better by completing this short survey.  Your name will be entered into a prize draw for your choice of two Barons beer kits with an extra carboy or one Selection Original wine kit.

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1. How did you find out about THV?

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2. Which locations do you purchase products from?

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3. How would you rate your in store experience at THV?

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4. How many wine kits have you made in the past 3 months?

Please specify:

5. How many beer kits have you made in the past 3 months?

Please specify:

6. In the last year have you made both wine & beer?

a. Which do you make?

Please specify:

b. In the future would you consider making the other?

7. As a wine maker would you be interested in attending a Wine Appreciation event?

8. As a beer maker would you be interested in attending an Advanced Beer Making class?

9. Have you attended one of our wine & beer making classes?

a. How would you rate your experience?

Please specify:

b. Would you recommend the class to a friend?

c. Comments on the class - Optional

10. Have you visited THV website?

a. How would you rate our website?

Please specify:

b. Comments and recommendations for the website - Optional

11. Would you be willing to provide a testimonial on your experience with THV for publication on our website?

a. Please write your testimonial, or if you don't have time now, please email it to info@thehomevintner.com. - Optional

12. On Facebook - do you like us?

13. We would appreciate any comments that you may have, as well as suggestions as to how we may serve you better. - Optional

14. Which additional wine or beer products would you like to see in our stores? - Optional

15. What is your age group? - Optional

Please specify:
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