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All our beer kits along with wine and beer making supplies are available for purchase online as well as in-store. Please CLICK ON the product to find out more about it.

SHIPPING PROCESS AND PAYMENT: When you place an order through the shopping cart, your order is sent to a representative to troubleshoot and fill. Before your order is ever processed for payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a quote for shipping costs for your approval. Of course shipping is free when you pick up at any of our Home Vintner locations! Feel free to ask questions in the comment section of the shopping cart. 


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Winexpert's commitment to excellence, and dedication to delivering the highest quality products in the winemaking market, has made us the world's foremost supplier of premium wine kits. All of our kits are now available for purchase in-store, or for purchase online for pickup only from one of our many locations.

Wine - Clicking this wine tab will take you to our main search for wine kits. All other supplies and/or beer products are listed above.

Limited Wine Releases - Our ultra-premium wine kits have redefined the winemaking product landscape by offering a limited number of prestigious wine styles sourced from select vineyards in the world's great wine producing regions. There are only a few kits remaining of LE2013.

New Wine products - Click here is see our new wine products available in our stores.

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