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WineMaker Magazine Int. Amateur Wine Competition is the largest amateur winemaking competition in North America.  Wine kits compete side-by-side in a blind judging across all categories with wines made from grapes and/or juices.  At the April 2011 competition wines made with Winexpert's premium quality brands were awarded 220 medals bringing our total to 1766 medals in the 9 annual competitions held so far.


We reward loyalty, every 11th kit is 1/2 price



 Referral Program

We truly appreciate you referring us to your family and friends. When the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any kit. Referral certificates are available in our stores. (Cannot be combined with any other offer)




Winexpert is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products

Our wine products are supported by knowledgeable, dedicated staff.  In addition to helping choose the right wine, we will help you discover an exciting new experience...
the wine and beer making lifestyle.
Become a winemaker or grow your winemaking skills with Winexpert wine kits, equipment, supplies, and (most importantly) advice and ideas.
We continually introduce new products, click here to  see our latest products
The Home Vintner appreciates your patronage so on your birthday we email you a $10 discount coupon - this offer is also available for your partner.  The next time you are into one of our stores ensure that we have both of your birthdates.


We have just received extra 2011 Limited Editions.  If you missed this years Limiteds this will be your last opportunity.  We have clients who are now making their 2nd and 3rd purchase of these great wines!  Mention that you saw this promo and receive $10 off the regular price.  Offer available while supplies last.
Washington Meritagesold out
South African Sauvignon Blanc-Semillonsold out
California Petite Sirah/Zinfandel - still available
German Traminer Spatlesestill available 
Spanish Matador Trio Red - still available


This is a great question;  most tooth staining is caused by an additive to wine called "Mega-purple".  It's a sweet concentrate that is added to inferior commercial wines and some wine kits to mask their shortcomings, namely taste and color.  Unfortunately, winemakers are not required by law to show all the ingredients inside the bottle / box.  You can tell if your wine was mega-purpled not just by your stained teeth, but also if it has an unnatural sweetness or darkness.  Real wines will improve when decanted.  Inked wines degrade after prolonged exposure to air.

The Home Vintner is very conscientious about the wine kits that we offer in our stores.


Now Available

The new Twisted Mist Hard Pink Lemonade and Lime Margarita combo kits are now available for a limited time.  Bring on summer!

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With wine & beer kits available even at local grocery stores our fear is that poor results may turn a person off from trying it again.  It amazes me how many people come into our store every week trying to resurrect a dead kit purchased from another store.  Last week I had a customer purchase dextrose for his canned beer kit because the other store didn't sell any.  The instructions said to add a cup of dextrose in the primary.  I know that the can he purchased was already 2/3 dextrose with only 1/3 malt.  To add another cup of dextrose amazed me, by fermenting that much sugar the end product will taste like cider.  Our Barons kits are 100% malt producing wonderful microbrewery style beer.  Our mission is to assist you in creating the best wine and beer possible!  We have created a website with step by step instructions to assist you in crafting your own great wines and beers.  The bottom line is this, purchase the best products available from us, with the best advice from our staff and website and you will be an award winner yourself.

visit our website by clicking here...


Now Available -  A Dry Rosé

Talk about a wine made for relaxed summer fun and spontaneous barbecues! This easy-going Rosé from France is brimming with the fresh flavors of red fruits - strawberry, raspberry and a hint of citrus. A blend of predominately Syrah and Grenache grapes brings a refreshing well-structured wine. This Rosé is dry, similar to our previous years' Spanish Rose and is capable of handling summer's best fare, from grilled veggies to Asian spice, certainly a wine to be stocked and ready to go all summer long!


Best protection against fruit flies is to  use our 5 grade sealed primary with bung and airlock.  Spring is here and for winemakers that means one thing: the inevitable return of our sworn enemy – the common fruit fly. Minute little flying monkeys of doom, they're hard to exclude from your winemaking areas, and while they're easy to kill, by the time you've swatted one, thirteen more have materialized out of thin air, looking for a free meal! The reason why we need to be concerned over the little monsters isn't just that they're unsightly and chewy when you discover one inside a mouthful of Chardonnay. No, it's their other name we need to think of, “Vinegar Fly”. The little blighters are filthy with acetobacteria, the organism that turns our delicious alcohol into vinegar. How to combat 'em? 

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What is it about wine, especially red wine, that makes as much as a 1/3 of humanity unable to drink it without getting a headache? Drinking just one glass can trigger immediate discomfort, raise blood pressure, or morph into a days-long migraine.

Hennie van Vuuren, director of the Wine Research Centre at the University of British Columbia, is pretty sure he's figured out the problem. He himself suffers from red wine headaches.

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Our spring edition of "From the Vine" from Winexpert is now available for viewing.  With a bright, modern new look and engaging new content, this will keep you up to date with information from Winexpert.  Some topics reviewed: Are wine expert's wine ratings irrelevant of most people?  The skinny on grape skins.  Serve chili-lime chicken kabobs.  Party tricks and tips.

click here to view "From the Vine"...


We're excited to announce that after much research, The Home Vintner has sourced ingredients to make a great gluten-free beer kit  - all ingredients are certified gluten-free!  

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Join us on facebook to enter our draw. To qualify for the draw become a friend of The Home Vintner on Facebook. This months winner of a $25 gift certificate is: Tom Mue...

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Monthly, each wine or beer purchase automatically enters you into our monthly draw.  Congratulations to Tim Sit...- pick up your $34.95 Breathable Eisch wine glass.



During May - 2 for 1! 
First person pays $25.00, the second person is free.  If you have taken the course before and would like a refresher this is free for you and if you bring a guest they are also free.
Paul demonstrates the making of a wine kit from the first steps right through to removing the CO2 and proper corking. Years of experience are shared, so the novice wine makers can be successful on their first attempt. For those who have made wine for years, there are new methods which will improve your end result. Also, step by step Paul walks you through the making of a beer kit with secrets shared so your first kit will be a success. Pre-registration is required. Payment of $25 per person is payable at the class. Each student will receive a coupon worth 15% off their next wine or beer kit.

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Vintner's Reserve - continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma.

Vintner's Reserve World Vineyard - featuring popular grape varietals, with grape juices and concentrates from some of the finest growing regions in the world, this 10 litre kit produces high quality wines that you can enjoy within one month after bottling.

Vintner's Reserve Merlot - Bronze Award Winner - $5 Off

The more feminine of the Bordeaux reds, this wine, true to its gender is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Spectacularly structured, the nose has a mineral/plum introduction followed by blackberry, licorice and a black pepper finish. 

Our merlot is a deep ruby in the glass, with a nice complexity to the nose plus layered red fruit and spice notes, with black cherry and currant-berry aromas, the lush fruit of this wine meets soft appealing tannins and a perfect kiss of oak.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

click here for wikipedia on merlot...

Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay - Bronze Award Winner - $5 Off

Powerfully structured, this wine shows a crisp, minerally character and a refreshing floral aroma well-balanced by toasty smoke and vanilla notes, and a long complex finish that emerges with ageing.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Heavy



click here for wikipedia on chardonnay... 


World Vineyard California Pinot Noir - $5 Off

Our California Pinot Noir creates a lasting impression on the palate with an intense ripe-grape and black cherry aroma, accented by a spicy suggestion of cinnamon and mint. Medium-full bodied and rich but not heavy, it's perfectly balanced with alcohol acid and tannin working harmoniously, and has substantial flavour despite its delicacy. It has an appealing soft, velvety texture, like liquid silk gently caressing the palate.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

click here for wikipedia on pinot noir...

World Vineyard Washington Riesling - Gold award winner - $5 Off

Riesling grapes are fairly easy to grow and do well in many climates. However, there is something special that happens in the state of Washington. The warm sunny days and cool nights create an off-dry, inviting and refreshing Riesling. This Riesling delivers classic Riesling characters of juicy peach, ripe pear, melon, with subtle mineral notes. This can be considered an everyday Riesling that is versatile and easy to drink yet elegant enough to serve with shrimp and lobster.

World Vineyard Washington Riesling has a distinctive floral and green apple aroma mixed with mineral elements from its Washington vineyard, giving it a brisk, 'racy' quality. Its high natural level of acidity enables it to balance a hint of residual sugar, setting off aromas of rose petal, apple, pear, peach and apricot and leading to a grand crisp finish of flinty mineral notes.

click here for wikipedia on riesling...



Canadian Golden Ale - $4 OFF

A bold hoppy blond ale, it has slightly more hop flavour than typical Canadian beers. True to its style, this ale is malty but well-balanced, very crisp and refreshing, an exceptional beer for the North American ale enthusiast.

Visit us in store to find out more about our recipes to try with this kit, varieties include a raspberry or blueberry golden ale.

Try this Ale with 1098 Wyeast British Ale yeast.

To make a wonderful wheat beer we sell bags of wheat along with a recipe, try Wyeast 1010 American Wheat yeast at $9.95.  How about a honey or maple syrup lager?

The Obamas Make History With Homebrewed White House Honey Ale - try brewing your own Honey Golden Ale - recipe in our stores.

White House beermaking is a milestone in American culinary history that the Chefs will continue; there might even be Hops planted in the Kitchen Garden...


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made culinary history when they served homebrewed White House Honey Ale, made with a pound of honey from the White House Beehive, to guests at last month's Super Bowl party. They are the first presidential couple to ever charge their chefs with the ancient--and now wildly popular--art of homebrewing, according to White House Curator Bill Allman.  read more...

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