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November 2011

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We reward loyalty - every 11th kit is 1/2 price


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We truly appreciate you referring us to your family and friends. When the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any kit. Referral certificates are available in our stores. (Cannot be combined with any other offer)

Winexpert is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products

Our wine products are supported by knowledgeable, dedicated staff.  In addition to helping choose the right wine, we will help you discover an exciting new experience...
the wine and beer making lifestyle.
Become a winemaker or grow your winemaking skills with Winexpert wine kits, equipment, supplies, and (most importantly) advice and ideas.


Click here to view our videos - with complete written descriptions of our five 2011 Limited Edition wines.  Pre-order deadline is December 4th.  Click here to view our order form with prices.  We are again offering a 10% discount if you wish to prepay when you place your order.


We would like to invite you to our 2011 Limited Edition Tasting with special guest Dave Larocque.
When: Thursday November 24th
Where: Cambrian Heights Community Centre
Address: 600 Northmount Dr. N.W.
Time: 7:00 pm sharp
Cost: $15 per person ($10 toward charity and $5 credit toward the purchase of a Limited Edition Wine Kit)

We will be tasting the following with food samplings:

Washington Meritage - January
South African Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon - January
California Petite Sirah/Zinfandel - February
German Traminer Spatlese - March
Spanish Matador Trio Red - April


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You can reserve your tickets by replying to this email or by contacting (403) 284-0486


Bad, bad advice!!  The Home Vintner prides itself on having the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.  Our wine guild has won over 500 provincial, national and international awards, we have 15 staff certified through the winemaking excellence program (that's more than any other store in North America).  Over 9,000 people have completed our wine and beer making classes.

We have also conducted joint projects with university researchers (who are also our customers) on altitude factors, plastics and barometric pressure influences, etc.  We do our homework!  So when we honour our 100% guarantee and replace a wine kit because our client got bad advice from another store we get cranky.

The internet can be scary - in an hour study, we found more incorrect information than correct, when it comes to wine & beermaking it is an unreliable source.  Then there's You Tube!  So much bad information.

Some examples (too many to list): adding liquid oak, glycerin's, bananas, elderberries, loose lids on primaries, wine conditioner, oak table legs into the primary (YES, really)!!  We don't sell second rate wines that have to be heavily modified to make them palatable.  Don't mess with our wines unless you've talked to our staff. 


Incredible lesson last night Paul and Ron. Absolutely astounded at your combined wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to getting wine and beer made for the holidays! / Zach

I've been wanting to try my hand at wine and beer making for quite a few years and while I am proficient with computers, am a web designer and make my living as a renovator and handyman and have no problem venturing into the unknown of those areas, I have always been intimidated by the thought of brewing my own wine and beer.  read more...


After bottling, it is important to clean your carboy before things left behind start to harden. I rinse with hot water and use carboy brushes to keep everything clean. If there are stubborn stains and scale in the top of my carboy I add about 1 inch of cleaner / sanitizer to the carboy. The Home Vintner sells holeless bungs which I put in the top of the carboy and turn it upside down in my laundry sink. 24 hours later it is like brand new. Cleaner / sanitizer also works great on the stubborn coffee stains in your coffee pot.



Join us on Facebook to enter our draw for a $50 gift certificate. To qualify for the draw become a friend of The Home Vintner on Facebook. This months winner is: Nicolas A.

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Monthly, each wine or beer purchase automatically enters you into our monthly draw.  Congratulations to Janette H, this months prize winner - pick up your $34.95 Eisch wine glass at the NW store.



Now available - introducing our new Australian Shiraz / Mourvedre and German Traminer / Riesling.  These two superb varieties will only be available while quantities last.

Australia's extreme heat & sunshine makes for intensely ripe grapes, and Shiraz and Mourvedre respond perfectly to it.  The small, thick skinned berries of Shiraz are deep blue-black in colour and high in extract and flavour.  Dense tannins, brisk acidity, and here to read more

Germany's cool, sunny climate and steep slopes produce grapes with highly concentrated flavours, aroma and body.  Blending two of the most aromatic white grapes in the world, World Vineyard's German Traminer/Riesling reveals a combination of floral here to read more




New product now available in the Selection Original series - a refreshing, easy drinking red wine with aromas of ripe berries and floral notes.  On the palate, flavours of strawberries and cherries, revealing a slender texture, smooth tannins and a medium finish. 




Paul demonstrates the making of a wine kit from the first steps right through to removing the CO2 and proper corking. Years of experience are shared, so the novice wine maker can be successful on their first attempt. For those who have made wine for years, there are new methodologies which will improve your end result. Also, step by step Paul walks through the making of a beer kit with secrets shared so your first kit will be a success. Pre-registration is required. Payment of $25 per person is payable at the class. Each student will receive a coupon worth 15% off their next wine or beer kit.

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Purchase 2 Selection kits in November on the same day and receive a free $34.95 Eisch wine glass.  A wine poured into a breathable glass for just 2 to 4 minutes will show signs of aeration equivalent to the same wine that has been decanted and aerated for 1 to 2 hours.  The original character and structure of the wine are preserved, yet the wines aroma and palate impression become more open and generous. The properties of breathable glasses were confirmed by wine professionals all over the world and Eisch also received innovation awards from Germany and Canada. The breathable glasses are made in Germany. (cannot be combined with any other offer)


Vintner's Reserve - continues to set the standard in it's category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma.

Vintner's Reserve World Vineyard - featuring popular grape varietals, with grape juices and concentrates from some of the finest growing regions in the world, this 10 litre kit produces high quality wines that you can enjoy within one month after bottling.

Vintner's Reserve Zinfandel / Cabernet

Vintners Reserve Zinfandel/Cabernet is a medium bodied, deep red wine with initial raspberry and licorice notes giving way to a blackberry, currant and pepper character that finishes with firm
tannins and light, spicy oak. Zinfandel brings sturdy, fruit-forward grapiness, raspberry, anise and a peppery spice into the blend, while the classic cabernet sauvignon signatures of blackcurrent, blackberry, cedar, herbs and tobacco support the middle, blending into a firm tannic finish with lively notes of oak.  Rich, but not clumsy, it's an excellent foil for red meat, strong cheeses or even dark chocolate.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Medium 


Vintner's Reserve Gewurztraminer

A distinctive grape varietal with an unmistakably aromatic bouquet of cinnamon-like spiciness, roses, passion fruit and appealing fruit intensity.  Bursting with intense grapefruit flavours, rose petal and lychee nuts characteristics with a hint of sweetness capped with a long full finish.

Sweetness: OFF-Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None


World Vineyard Italian Sangiovese- Bronze Award Winner

Sangiovese has lively fruit, smooth tannins, a hint of white pepper and warm toasty oak which combine with a healthy acidity to make it one of the most food-friendly of all red.  Luscious ruby red in colour, this wine from Tuscanny in central Ialy has a intense red cherry character with hints of violets.
Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Medium

World Vineyard Australian Riverland Reserve

A stunningly unique blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard and Muscat varieties sourced from Australia's Riverland region on the Murray River. The hot climate produces a wine offering a lively combination of rich ripe fruits, complementary acidity, and a full body, making this delicious white wine a must-try'.
Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: None





Amber Ale

Malty rich flavour and body. This reddish ale has slightly more bitterness than typical ales but its maltiness gives a nice balance between sweet and bitter. Our unique blend of 2-row pilsen, crystal and chocolate malts gives this ale its incredible character.  Comparable to a Sleeman's Amber Ale.

Our HV Tartan Ale recipe starts with a Barons Amber Ale - 500 grams of smoked malt and dry malt rather than dextrose ($10).  Try Wyeast Scottich Ale or Irish Ale yeast.  We were pleasantly surprised with this Scottish style ale with warm amber hues and complex aromas, giving it a full-bodied taste with a slightly smoky finish.

Click here to read our blog on Alexander Keith's Limited Release Tartan Ale

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